"Touring Thailand with Margo Smith as my guide was what made my trip amazing. Her ability to communicate and work with the Thai people was a crucial component in a successful trip. She organized and made it possible for me to fulfill all my Thailand bucket list items!!"

 - Heather, Portland, Or

"Margethai Tours made it easy for me to really ENJOY my trip to Thailand. I didn't have to do a thing besides pack my bags and soak it all in. Everything was planned. Everyday was exciting. All I had to do was wake up and have the best time!"

- Joseph - AZ

"We couldn't have asked for a better tour guide in Thailand than Margo. ...I'd never want to go there without her. Seriously. She knew the language, the food (including what shops would be safer to eat at), the tips and tricks to getting around best, helped us recognize what was a fair price so we could shop confidently, and seemed to know everything about the culture of the country in order for us to have the best time possible. Not only that, but she tailored the vacation to our interests. Her whole goal was for us to have the experience we wanted to have and better, so she got to know us and what those interests were and made it the perfect vacation.  And she did it all with the funnest attitude... She's just fun to be around. We love Margo!  Wouldn't do Thailand any other way. And after writing this, I just want to go back."

- Cheryl - Utah

"Last summer I went on a once in a lifetime trip to Thailand. It was amazing! And all because of our wonderful tour guide Margo. It was so helpful to be with someone  who has been there many times and knows the language. She helped us plan out many sites to see and activities to do. We were able to visit some temples and ancient cities. We rode elephants, pet tigers, took a thai cooking class, shopped at markets, and went to an island beach resort. It was awesome to be able to interact with Thai people and learn about their culture. I am so glad I was able to go to Thailand and have so many great experiences that I will remember forever!"

- Candace Herman- Utah

Margethai Tours knows Thailand. We were able to pick our dates and Margo customized our trip so that we could see everything we wanted to see. She also took us to Cambodia and did an amazing job arranging our trip to see Ankor Wat. I would highly recommending going to Thailand with Margethai Tours.

- Cooper- HI