Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai, Thailand



Hi! I'm Margo! Welcome to Margethai Tours and Margethai Makeup where I believe in adventure, cutlure, people, love and feeling beautiful. Also, welcome to our partnership with I Am Zambia...your opportunity to explore and offer humantiarian service in Zambia, Africa. 

TRAVEL THAILAND: Need a friend's trip, couples trip, company incentive trip or a family vacation? Being fluent in speaking Thai, I specialize in trips to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. You pick the dates, I plan the trip. Service learning and humanitarian expeditions available upon request.   Facebook: Margethai Tours Instagram: margethaitours

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AFRICA: Last year, Margethai Tours partnered with I Am Zambia, a 501c3 organization working to empower young women and girls in Zambia, Africa. Schedule a trip with me today as we work to educate and empower young lives. www.iamzambia.org