Sample Itineraries and Pricing

Thailand Original

My personal favorite itinerary that highlights the best cities, food and adventures that Thailand has to offer. Your pictures will captivate your followers with the hottest spots in Thailand.

With an aggressive schedule, we see the sizzling sights of Bangkok, the quieter parts of northern Thailand in Chiang Mai and then head to the dreamy beaches of southern Thailand.

Included in tour price: All activities listed below, daily breakfast, nightly accommodations (3 star or higher with Wifi), and all tour related travel.

**Travellers are responsible for airfare, food (besides breakfast) and any  souvenirs) 

Day 1: Bangkok- Grand Palace, Wat Po (reclining Buddha), boat canal tour, Thai massage, night market

Day 2:  Ancient ruins in the city of Ayuthaya, fly to Chiang Mai

Day 3: Hilltop temple, gem factory, Thai cooking class, night market

Day 4: Elephants! (Choice of elephant camp or elephant show/riding), night market 

Day 5: Tiger Kingdom and orchid farm, night market

Day 6: Humanitarian project at orphanage.

Day 7: Fly to beach, beach activities 

Day 8: Open beach day (island hopping, shopping, diving...whatever you want!)

Day 9: Open beach day, night swimming with plankton

Day 10: Fly back to Bangkok, fly home 

*The number of travel days and activities may be extended and are based on availability. 

Custom Thailand

Have you seen or researched a specific festival in Thailand that you would like to attend?

The custom Thailand tour allows you to 'choose your own adventure' without the hassle of planning. You pick the dates, name your activities and I will take care of the rest.

  • Interested in a three day yoga/ meditation retreat? No problem.

  • Want to spend two days with the elephants? Just say the words.

  • Ready to take a Muay Thai fighting class? We got you covered.

We can include any of the activities listed in the original tour and add any special adventures you like! 

Price: Negotiable depending on the included activities and travel.